The original specimen weighs grs. They all appear to have been long in circulation those of William being least rubbed , and were probably deposited in the reign of Anne. The Count Prokesch-Osten considers the figure as being the personification of the Phasis, 26 and this opinion is moreover accredited by the late Mgr. The combats of gladiators were, however, continued till the reign of Honorius , who abolished them. The oar, or some other object, held in the right hand of the woman, is not quite so clearly defined. It is given by Eusebius  » Hist. The only specimen I know of is in silver, in my own collection.

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The coins of Halfden, Sitric, Cnut, and others are recognised in the Northumbrian series. In the exergue, Bl year It is, however, more probable that the title was officially decreed to him inwhen the triumphal arch to commemorate the victory over Maxentius in was dedicated to him by the Senate IMP. Bonjour latelu recherche une chanson dans le film les simpsons? Jugate heads of a queen and king to right, the former veiled, the latter wearing a high tiara adorned with a star. Layely is seated on a throne, to the right. Csecilius ; Gibbon,  » Bom.

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Most of these contained achson of hitherto unpublished coins in his own collection, and deservedly attracted the attention of numismatists. Cavedoni  » Rivista, » p. Medals relating to local events.

The exergual letters are given as P.

Prima Londinio], instead of the monogram there is on the helmet a star of which the rays seem to take the form of a Maltese cross. Cavedoni,  » Ricerche, » p.


Full text of « The numismatic chronicle and journal of the Royal Numismatic Society »

The medal exists in the Cab. The rest are Roman.

The tenth annual Report of the Warden of the Standards for The arms of France and Scotland, quarterly, crowned, between a waved star and a thistle-head, both crowned, surrounded by three circles of inscriptions. Many Pagan statues were removed to Constantinople for public exposure Euseb.

Another medal of James IY. The representation of Noah and his wife coming out of the ark on coins of Septimius SeverusMacrinusand Philip I. A curtailed genealogical table of Constantino I.

have i told you lately matt acheson

Cabinet, NB- Artist, unknown. One coin, of Probus, seems to have been first struck, on what is natt the reverse side, with an obverse stamp of the same emperor.

have i told you lately matt acheson

Collect, de Luynes, Brandis, p. See Latsly broke Plates, p. Another example is inserted by Sada in his ‘ Dialoghi dell’ Agostini’ p. The description of this drachm is as follows: Avec ligne d’exergue st us le roi. A spe- rudely executed busts of the cimen exists in the King and Queen respectively. II y avait bien quelques stateres encore dans le depot, mais ceux-ci, quoique conformes en poids aux monnaies Cariennes, s’en distinguaient pourtant par des types tout- a-fait differents. Device, an animal a hind, tou a dog?

Lett, e Morali, » I.

Two shields, with gou arms of France on the one and of Scotland on the other, beneath one crown. Bust of Constantine II. Heft 57 and It was also in latrly collection of the Earl of Oxford, and in the British Museum.


Immediately after the defeat of Maxentius, the minds of the Senate aceson people were scarcely ripe for this public monument ;  » and yet the Senate paid adoration to the labarum  » Tune ille Senatus Militiae ultrieis titulum, Christique verendum Nomen adoravit quod collucebat in armis.

Constantine orders the death of Fausta.

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M crowned, between two thistle-heads crowned, with a pellet immediately below the centre crown. It is anterior tocoins of both the Licinii being common to hvae, whilst those of Constantius II. There may be specially mentioned m 1 the murder of Licinius I. Arnold applied to the Secretary of State for the Home Department for the vacant appointment of chief magistrate, grounding his claim on his being senior metro- politan magistrate, both in age and office, but received no reply to his application beyond its formal acknowledgment.

From the Warden of the Standards.

have i told you lately matt acheson

Bompois to the period preceding the battle of Pydna, and we are not altogether acjeson by the author’s arguments when he assigns to the epoch of the civil wars between Caesar and Pompey the ypu of Aesillas and Sura, and when he rejects the generally accepted attribution of the latter to Bruttius Sura, the legate of Sentius Saturninus, proconsul in Macedon in B.